The year is 1995 and twelve year-old Reggie Robbin’s is going to sleep-away camp for the first time. He’s homesick, he’s getting picked on, and his camp crush barely knows he exists.  As he stumbles to figure out where he fits in at Echo Island Summer Camp there’s something else he needs to worry about… in the woods… watching… a man.  Gaunt, tall, evil, sent here by the devil himself to kill until there’s no one left alive on Echo Island.


Anders Holm and John Lawlor grew up together in Evanston, Illinois and met at summer camp. After being smart-ass campers they became dumb-ass counselors.  They told ghost stories to kids and were almost fired because one camper shit his pants. Today they both live in the Los Angeles area. Holm is a writer, creator of the Comedy Central show Workaholics and Lawlor is an artist, creative director for the clothing label Young & Reckless. Fifteen years later, with their powers combined, they figured it was about time to make some more kids shit their pants.